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Another Great Group​

Another Great Build/Another Great Vision/Another Great Development are a full team of Architects, Interior Designers, Chartered Surveyors, Structural Engineers and builders.

Our objective is to consistently deliver a professional service to all our clients.

We also aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, recycling where we can, using sustainable materials, and limiting CO2 emissions. Our eco-build consultant can advise us and our clients on a wide range of energy saving, eco-friendly options which can be incorporated into our building projects.

Another Great is an established and growing business started in 1994 with the capacity to run multiple projects simultaneously.


Our project budgets can range from £500 to £2m.

We have developed strong teams of experienced professionals skilled in all fields of construction from laying the first bricks to the final coat of paint. We have project managers dedicated to your project and a team of friendly workers with a site manager on site permanently.

We have in-house, quantity surveyors and building surveyors who can piece by piece provide our clients with a seamless construction service. We have consistent levels of work from repeat business and referrals, which illustrates our level of quality and client satisfaction.


Another Great Build
Another Great Vision
Another Great Development


"I selected Another Great Build because I had confidence in their integrity and in their workmanship. They were very organised and clear with regard to specs, costs, time-line, and materials. Their contract was fair and unambiguous. Any problems were readily worked out with no rancour or distress. The workmen and supervisors with whom I had contact were courteous, professional and provided excellent workmanship, exceeding my expectations with regard to quality and timely completion of work."

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Another Great Build - they are efficient, fair, use quality materials and workmen, and they are ecologically conscientious."


 M. Lamphear, Lambeth
Work Carried out: Renovation of property including structural work to create an extra bedroom.


"The lift is brilliant - Jack loves it, and says he feels it gives him a measure of independence"


The Baroness Ruth Henig CBE
Work Carried out: Disabled lift installation at a property in lambeth.


"Thanks for the work - the place is (unsurprisingly) much much improved: brighter, fresher, more practical, and of course the kitchen at last looks pretty smart."


Andrew Ritchie MBE, Brompton Bicycle Company
Work Carried out: New kitchen and bathroom refurbishment and decorating and carpeting whole flat.


"You and your entire company have done a great job on this project. I look forward to working with you guys in the future."


Joshua Avalo,
Work Carried out: Bathroom refurbishment.


"I wanted to thank you for all the hard work to get our flat looking so good... We really appreciate your conscientious work and the time and trouble you took to understand what we wanted and to deliver th

at to such a high standard"


Calum of Clapham North SW4
Work Carried out: Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment including structural alterations involving building



"The windows look great... The room has improved no end"


Darrin of Coptic Street WC1
Work Carried out: Double glazing new sashes for heat and sound insulation.

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